An Emergency Plumber is Just One Professional to Call After a Leak

Excess water can be devastating to a home. It can ruin carpet or wood flooring, walls, and family heirlooms. When a water leak occurs, it’s critical to stop it as soon as possible. Homeowners may be able to turn the water off at its source, but getting a plumber to the house and starting the cleanup process right away can minimize the damage a major leak can cause to the home.


Since things like this never seem to happen at opportune times, homeowners are likely going to need an emergency plumber. Emergency plumbers typically offer after-hours service and will arrive at a customer’s home quickly. They may give instructions over the phone to help the homeowner turn off the water source. When the plumber arrives, they will get to work immediately to locate the cause of the leak and fix it so the same problem doesn’t happen again.


It’s important to dry out the home as quickly as possible. All water should be extracted from the carpet immediately. A carpet cleaning company that offers emergency service may be able to help. The plumber should be able to refer the homeowner to a professional who can help them with the carpet or other water damage. Depending on the amount of water that leaked into the home and the time until it was removed, a family might need to hire a professional to ensure mold did not start growing in their house. If it did, they’ll also need remediation to avoid getting sick.

After the initial problem has been resolved, a family might want to hire a plumber to assess the state of their pipes. Older homes tend to have older plumbing, and some or all of it might need to be replaced to avoid the same kinds of problems in the future.

Plumbing issues can be messy and expensive. In order to save money, homeowners should do everything they can to avoid problems. Although replacing pipes might require an initial investment, it may increase the value of the home as well as make it less likely a serious leak will occur again.